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Come on guyz, let me tell some about operating systems.As usual, in India, many of people starts study computer with Windows operating system. I too was stated via it. But now I am intrested in doing some with Linux operating system. That is why by it's glamour in view and speed on working and free to handle.Linux works on any low platform systems also. More over, any one can change the applications and so can custamize as we need. My expeimental projects on different operating systems made me philic to Linux because of the real reasons given below.
1.Low system Requierments.
2.Heigh security.
3.Heigh class performence of LIVE CDs.
4.Free distribution of softwares.
5.Internet browsing applications.
6.Visual styles are heightly advanced.
7.No need of heavy ram.
8.Licence to custamise as we want.
9.Ease to custamise and develop new application.
10.Advanced exploring technology.
11.Open Source technology.

Even I love Linux,it has some drawbacks.They and their solutions are below.
1.Not a user friendly.-Custamise as you want.It is vey easy.
2.Heavy dirtibution(2 or more discs).-Use apropriate version or distributions such as,GNU for students and lowe,RedHat for advanced,Dmn Smal Linux for silly uses.
3.Decreased support of Hardware drivers.-It will be cleaned dramaticaly if we gyz use Linux more.
4.If you have some,Write it to me.
Windows is cool for these.
1.Speed working.
2.User friendly
3.Single CD installation.
4.Several Hardware support.
But it has some down!
1.Virus will not be in rest
2.Operating system always crash.
3.High use of disc space.
4.Need of heigh ram.
5.Only one web browser.
6.Unlicensed copys are crime.
7.No one can change the interface.
10.High rate of further softwares.
11.Developments are controlled.
12.Your experience will be more..
Guyz, think now that is you want to use Windows one more time? Or use proper Linux!!Dont think that I am a distributer of Linux. I am just a sudent of computer.But that is the way I like Linux.
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