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Gmail, Google's free Web-based email service, has swept the world, and has become very, very popular. Unfortunately, access to Gmail (and Google Mail in the UK) has been by by invitation only. But no more! Anyone can now get a Gmail account. Just go to Gmail.com and click the "Sign up for Gmail" link.

But it's more than just Web-based email. Creating a Gmail account opens the door to many other Google-related applications and services. By creating a Gmail account, you will gain access to personalize other Google-based applications including Google Maps, Google News, Picasa 2, Google Pages, Google Reader, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, and lots of other goodies.

Admittedly, getting a Gmail invitation has not been a problem for most, but this should open up Gmail to a much larger audience. As always, come here for your Gmail tips!

Important Clarification: It appears that this is available to only certain non-United States locations. When I connect to Gmail.com from my home, I only get the SMS signup screen. My work Internet connection uses a proxy that hits the Internet in France, so that's where I get the non-invitation signup screen.



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