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* Open the website u want to hack. Provide wrong username-password.
(e.g : Username - me and Password - ' or 1=1 --)
An error occured saying wrong username-password. Now be prepared
ur work starts from here...

* Right click anywhere on that page =>> go to view source.

* There u can see the html codings with javascripts.

* There u find somewhat like this..<form ...... action=..login....>
* Before this login information<action=__login> copy the url
of the site in which you are.(e.g :

* Then delete the java script from the above that validates ur
informaiton in the server.(Do this very carefully, ur success to
hack the site depends upon this i.e how efficiently u delete the
Javascripts that validate ur account information)

* Then look for <input name=password type=password> => replace
there <type=text> instead of <type=password>. See there if
maxlength of password is less than 11 then increase it to 11
(e.g : if <maxlength=10> then write <maxlength=11>

* Just go to file => save as and save it any where within
the hardisk with ext.html(e.g :c:\abhi.htm)

* Close ur webpage and go to the webpage u save in your
harddisk(e.g : c:\abhi.htm) Open it.

* U see that some changes in current page as compared to original
One. Don't worry.

* Provide any username[e.g:hacker] and password[e.g:' or 1=1 --]

Congrats!U hav cracked the above website and entered into the
account of Ist user saved in the server's database.

NOTE:The above trick doesn't work on the websites using latest
technique to protect there servers.

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