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The PC Detective Pro v2.9.4

The PC Detective Pro v2.9.4

The PC Detective is a powerful PC spy utility that monitors your PC or multiple PC's over a network or standalone PC recording all activity including:
- Websites visited.
- Applications run.
- View Current Apps & Websites.
- Keystrokes.
- Chat conversations.
- Instant messages.
- Regular screen captures.
- Built in Popup Blocker.
- Application Blocker.
- Website Blocker.
- Runs in complete stealth.
- View other desktop screens in real time over a network.
- View up to four PC's screens simultaneously in real tine over a network
- Send log reports via email.

All recording is carried out in complete stealth so users will be unaware of its presence, enabling you to keep track on what your kids, spouse, employees etc are up to on your PC's while you are away.
It is designed to be used either on a standalone machine or over a network where all activity is logged for viewing at a later date and can also be viewed over a network in real time.
It also has the ability to run applications remotely over a network and to send instant messages to a user over a network.
Version 2.6 now includes e-mail notification which allows you to receive regular e-mail reports of the activity on your PCs.


Download: 3.6MB

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