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some signs that ur son is hacker
1.He has more bandwidth at his disposal than your corporate office

2.He calls his computer by a name.

3.He does his homework on computer and if you turn on his computer you dont have any idea wtf is going on.

4.His room is so messed up that his computer responds to ping but you cannot find it there.

5.He is never short of money, and when he talks to her gf for hours you dont see that in the bill.

6.you find some weird wires and junk hardware in his room which seems good for nothing but still he has it.

7.He sleeps during the day and you can see the monitor light at night.

8.You see posters of sci-fi movies in his room along with pamela anderson.

9.If you enter in his room in dark you will see so many small lights(some of them blinking) of all colors/sizes/brightness.

10.He thinks that injections are something malicious we put in query strings.

11.He uses terms condoms and proxies synonymously.

12.His dustbin is labelled as /dev/null

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