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From Andrea...

What is the best way to get rid of the smell of burnt microwave popcorn? I burned a bag a week ago but can't get rid of the smell. It has taken over my kitchen, and despite cleaning with water, baking soda, Lysol and Oust, it is still lingering. Any ideas?


Good morning Andrea! I love your questions. We've all have had the same problem and now I also know how to get rid of the smell. The only thing I ever cook is popcorn (ask Al). I have two different answers so I suggest you try one of them and let me know what happens.

Solution #1:

Put a paper plate on the bottom of the microwave to contain spills, then pour 1 ½ cups water into a large microwave-safe bowl; add half a chopped lemon, pulp and rind, and four or five whole cloves. Put into microwave and bring to a boil; let stand for 10 – 15 minutes, then remove and leave the door open for several hours or overnite to further air out the oven.

This information is from: magazines.ivillage.com/goodhousekeeping

Solution #2:

Fill a large, four cup, microwave-safe bowl with one cup water. Add ¼ cup white household vinegar or 1/3 cup lemon juice and allow this mixture to boil in your microwave for a full five minutes. Do not open the door or move the bowl for 15 minutes, so the water can cool. Remove the bowl and wipe out the microwave. Leave the door open to air the oven out. Open a window or turn on an exhaust fan to help dissipate the smell.

This information is from: www.nbc4.com

Good luck and have a great day! Happy Popping! Al's Mom


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